Hand and Foot

This is a game related to Canasta, in which each player is dealt two hands of cards, called the hand and the foot. The information below is based on rules taught to me by my good friend Zona Gale Olson.

Hand and Foot Card Game Directions


Two or more players.


Normal playing cards including the jokers. One deck for each person playing - i.e. four decks for four persons, six decks for six persons, etc.

The Shuffle

All the cards are placed face down and shuffled together.

The Deal

Each player selects from the pile of down faced cards two hands of eleven cards each. Players do not look at these cards. One hand of eleven is passed to the player on the left so that each player has one hand of eleven he has selected from the general pile and one hand of eleven received from the player on his right. The remaining cards in the pile are then placed in two stacks or more (depending on the number of players). A gap is placed between the piles for the discard pile. Each player then looks at one of the hands he possesses. This is called his hand and the other is called his foot. It should not be looked at until his hand has been completely played or the game is over.

Game Object

The object of the game is to get the most points. There are four rounds to the game and on each round each player tries to get rid of his cards while putting the most points he can on the table. If there are an odd number of players each player plays for himself. If there are an even number two teams of partners can play with team piles and the game is somewhat more exciting. Partners are positioned around the table in every other position.

Points for Cards